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Olde Town Plumbing installs backflow valve for your plumbing and replaces faulty backflow valves.  If you’ve installed an irrigation system, pool, or other improvements that require your home to have a blackflow valve give us a call.


Backflow is when water from your plumbing systems flows in the reverse direction due to a change in pressure in the water supply lines. When this happens, anything in the pipes of the home or the irrigation system can flow backwards into the public water supply. Boerne ordinances require that backflow valves be installed and tested on a regular basis to ensure the safety of the water supply.


If you need a backflow valve, you can count on us for top-notch service get your home into compliance as quickly as possible.


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What is a backflow valve?

A backflow valve is a valve installed near the water meter that prevents water from flowing back into the public water supply.  It’s necessary when a home or business has an irrigation system, pool, commercial kitchen, or chemical processing that has plumbing lines connected to the water supply.


A backflow preventer should be installed anywhere incoming freshwater lines and wastewater lines are cross connected.  For example, an airgap connected to the dishwasher lines acts as a backflow preventer for disposal waste from reaching the dishwasher.

backflow valve attached above ground
Irrigation Backflow Valve installed at home in Boerne, TX
diagram of air gap plumbing with dishwasher and kitchen sink
Air gap prevents disposal backflow into dishwasher.
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Signs of a bad Backflow Valve

If you’ve received a notice about backflow testing, you’ll need to reach out to a certified Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester (BPAT) registered with the City of Boerne.  You can find a list of Kendall County certified testers at NAWSC.


Signs of a bad backlow valve can include:

  • Sudden drop in water pressure
  • Foul-tasting or foul-smelling water
  • Dirty or discolored water

If your water pressure suddenly drops, your backflow valve could be clogged or damaged. This will allow contaminated water to flow back into your plumbing system and affect the water you use for drinking, cooking, and bathing. Your water will have a foul taste or smell and look dirty and discolored.


Unfortunately, plumbing devices do fail. When this happens, it’s time to call the experts at Olde Town Plumbing. We have the knowledge and experience to get your plumbing systems back in working order.


We offer Emergency Plumbing Services 24/7. You can count on us!


Protect yourself and your family from future backflow issues by setting up a regular inspection of your plumbing systems. We recommend your backflow valve be cleaned and your backflow regulator inspected yearly by one of our highly trained plumbers.

Backflow Valve vs. Backflow Preventer

backflow valve attached by house

Backflow Valve

The backflow valve prevents wastewater from backing up into a structure and contaminating your water.

A backflow valve is your first line of prevention from backflow. But a backflow, or check valve, alone is not enough to protect your drinking water from backflow contamination. You also need a backflow preventer.

Backflow Preventer

A backflow preventer is a device installed on your home’s water pipes to ensure water flows in one direction only from the water main into your pipes. A backflow preventer valve prevents contaminated water from mixing with your drinking water. It offers an extra layer of protection for you and your family by keeping your household water sterile and safe.

How long does a backflow preventer last?

Backflow prevention devices generally provide decades of protection. However, excessive water pressure, water quality, temperature, and humidity will cause your backflow preventer to fail.


In addition, sediment, mineral build up and debris will also reduce the effectiveness of your backflow preventer.  

Are there different types of backflow preventers?

The three most common types of backflow preventers are:


  1. Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB) – an essential component of irrigation systems.
  2. Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) – protects both drinking water and city water supplies.
  3. Double Check Assembly (DCA) – provides an extra fail-safe function when check valves fail.


For more information on the different types of backflow prevention valves, stop in or give us a call at 830-446-5227. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. And offer advice on what type of backflow preventer is best for your needs.

backflow valve attached above ground and insulated

Backflow Testing

Backflow testing is an essential plumbing service. Backflow preventers have internal seals, springs, and other moving parts that wear out over time. We recommend periodically checking to make sure your backflow preventer device is working properly to avoid a potentially dangerous situation. You don’t want contaminated water to back up into your drinking water.


While we don’t perform backflow testing as a Boerne registered BPAT, we can provide testing for a concerned homeowner.  If you’ve received a testing notice from the City of Boerne or Fair Oaks Ranch, you’ll need to use one of their registered testers.  


However is you’re concerned about the condition of your backflow valve, our certified plumbers will evaluate your backflow preventer by assessing its pressure levels. Testing guarantees the water you depend on every day for drinking and showering is free from contamination and safe for use.


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