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As a homeowner, you’ll want or need to update your appliances from time to time.  When you find yourself in that situation, you need someone you can count of for appliance installation in Boerne, TX.  We have the team to help you!


Installing a dishwasher often isn’t an easy task – you’ll need the agility to maneuver in the tight space underneath the counter and then inside the kitchen cabinet to connect to the water supply and drain line.   You may also need to update your plumbing system to add an air gap to prevent backflow of wastewater into the dishwasher.  You also need to ensure the dishwasher doesn’t have leaks at the connection points.


If you have a kitchen food disposal, your dishwasher drain line will need to be connected through the port on the disposal.  If you need a new garbage disposal installed, we can install it at the same time we install your dishwasher or as a service on its own.


Installing appliances like a new washing machine or refrigerator with an ice maker may be outside your skill or comfort level as well.  We can handle that for you as well.  We’ll replace the supply lines to ensure the best performance and longest lasting product available, and to protect against leaks from an old, faulty supply line.   


Give us a call to schedule the installation of your new appliances.

Kitchen & Laundry Appliance Installation Services for Boerne & Kendall Country, TX

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Do you really need an airgap?

Protecting Your Family with an Airgap

When we install a dishwasher, we recommend installing an airgap as well. An airgap prevents dirty water from flowing back into the dishwasher and contaminating the dishes. An airgap acts as a physical barrier between the dishwasher and the drain line, ensuring proper drainage. Installing an airgap helps to maintain hygiene standards and prevents potential health hazards.


An airgap can be installed as a separate feature by the kitchen sink with a dedicated hole or it can be installed via a special faucet that has an airgap component.


Overall, an airgap is a crucial component in ensuring the effectiveness and safety of a dishwasher’s operation. Call us to request installation of an airgap.

Professionals You Can Count On

Boerne Appliance Installation Experts

When you remodel your kitchen, or update an older home, you may need to add or move the water lines for a refrigerator.  Many older homes were built before refrigerators water dispenser capabilities were common.  A licensed plumber will be able to tie into your existing water lines to add the convenience of fridge water lines. And having a professional, licensed plumber do the work will give you the peace of mind you need.


Replacing your washing machine may be a simple task, however, in an older home you may find that the washer hookups need to be replaced.  They may be leaking, difficult to turn, or you may just want to freshen up the look in your laundry room with a new washing machine outlet box.


At Olde Town Plumbing, we are the Boerne appliance installation experts. We have a great group of licensed, professional plumbers that you will feel comfortable with in your home and installing your new appliances.


Our licensed plumbers are the best in Kendall County and are more than capable of hooking up any appliances you might need installed!

Olde Town Plumbing Appliance Installation Services

Olde Town Plumbing can perform just about any plumbing related appliance installation Boerne has. We also perform a full line of plumbing services to solve other plumbing problems.  When we come to install any of your appliances, can also handle other plumbing issues that you may have.   Please call us today and book your appointment!


The choice to hire a big box store installer or a licensed plumber for your appliance installation is ultimately up to you. However, when you hire a licensed Boerne plumber at Olde Town Plumbing, you can rest assured that the plumbing to your appliances will be top notch.

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Reverse Osmosis faucet similar to those installed or repaired by Olde Town.
Great Drinking Water at the Tap

RO (Reverse Osmosis) Faucets

Elevate your water quality with the installation of an RO with its own dedicated faucets. If you’re ready to enjoy the convenience of purified and great-tasting water directly from your kitchen sink, our Boerne, Texas plumbers can help.


RO faucets are compact and efficient saving valuable counter space in your kitchen.  And our plumbers will install your RO system to seamless integrate with your existing plumbing system.


Take the first step towards a healthier kitchen environment by exploring our RO systems and faucet options today.

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