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Boerne Sewer Line Repair, Replacement & Installation

Don’t wait for disaster to strike.  At the first sign of sewer line trouble call the experts at Olde Town Plumbing in Boerne to schedule sewer line repair.


Sewer line problems can happen unexpectedly. However, there are common indications to you can watch for that will help you prevent major problems. 

Common signs of sewer problems include:

  • Repetitive backups or blockages in drains
  • Water going down one drain and coming up in another drain
  • Water backing up onto floors surround floor drains
  • Gurgling in lower-level toilets and floor drains
  • Bad odors from drains
  • Green areas in yard where sewer lines have leaks
  • Unexplained muddy areas in yard

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What Causes Sewer Lines to Leak?

Sewer plumbing leaks are often caused by things that are outside of your control.  These can include:


  • Pipes rusting over time
  • Movements in the soil around the pipes that cause dips or bumps in the line
  • Collapse of lines
  • Poorly construction angles that can’t sustain minor shifts in soil
  • Foreign objects in the lines



Age is often a contributor in many of these sewer line problems.  If you live in a home in Boerne that is over 30 years old, a routine plumbing inspection is recommended to detect leaks so you can repair the sewer lines before the problem is exasperated by raw sewage flowing into your home.  You’ll also want to catch the problem before your home’s foundation is affected by the wet conditions of these leaking pipes.

Causes of Sewer Line Failures

Boerne Homes Experience these Common Causes for Sewer Repairs

There are several common problems that can cause issues for your sewer system. 

  1. The first and foremost of these is clogs. If “non-flushable” items are put down the sink or toilet they can collect in the sewer lines and create a clog.  Even things that we may not consider a problem, like hair, can build up over time and clog the pipes.
  2. Tree roots may grow around or into the lines. These roots can damage the pipes or can create blockages all by themselves.
  3. Soil Settlement can be another problem for sewer lines. For water to flow through the lines, the pipes need to have a descending angel to the main sewer lines or septic tank. Over time, soil may shift.  The resulting angle of the pipes may not be correct any longer. 
  4. Isolated shifts in soil the pipes can end up sagging in a single spot making clogs more likely.
  5. Pipes may deteriorate over time. When the pipes themselves have eroded, you can experience catastrophic failure of your drains.  Large sections will fail and waste from your home will escape.  This process is call channeling. The slope on the pipe is still correct, but sewage may be leaking out of the pipe into the soil.
Typical Sewer Repairs

Common Sewer Line Repairs in Boerne, TX

The most common sewer repairs in Boerne are performed by professionally snaking the lines.  Snaking clears the clogs that are stopping the flow of water.  Sewer snaking can remove object that have fallen into the toilet or other drains, and it can clear tree roots and other organic debris.


However, if the clog is severe or if a line repeatedly must be cleared, a video inspection of the line should be ordered.  Olde Town Plumbing can perform the camera inspection.  The video will reveal where the problem is and what is causing it.


Once we know the source of the clog, we can implement the appropriate solution.  This could include replacing a section of the pipe or, if the entire pipe is deteriorating or sloped incorrectly, could mean resetting the whole line.

New sewer line and water line near the foundation of a home in Kendall County

Call Olde Town Plumbing in Boerne for Sewer Line Repair

Give us a call to schedule your inspection or drain snaking today.  Our friendly Olde Town staff is here to partner with you to keep your plumbing functioning correctly.  We’ll get to the root of the problem. 


All repair work comes with a minimum one-year warranty. 


Reach out to us if you need other plumbing services too: water heater repair, water softener installation, leak repair, shower & tub updates, or any other service.  We’re here to help.


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