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Drain Pipe Repair in Boerne, TX for Slow or Clogged Drains

Are your tub, sink or shower drains slow to empty? Are you standing in water while taking a shower? Is there water standing in your kitchen sink? Your drains need to be inspected, cleaned, and repaired where necessary to get your plumbing flowing again.  And Olde Town Plumbing will do just that. We’re Boerne’s locally-owned plumbing service for top-quality drainpipe repair.


To schedule your service, simply give us a call.


We’ll come out and investigate the cause of your drain problem. Whether you have a drain that needs unclogging or settling in the drain lines that need to be repaired, you can depend on us to offer the best solutions at affordable prices.


Don’t wait until your tub or sink is full of water and not draining. Call us at the first sign of a problem. We’ll fix it quickly and efficiently to get your water draining freely.


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Reasons for Clogs

Why is my bathtub slow to drain?

When tubs or showers drain slowly, it is often due to a build-up of soap scum and hair inside the drain.


Often, you can slow this issue in a couple of easy steps.

  1. Remove the drain cover.
  2. Pull any visible hair out of the drain with a drain cleaning tool or a wire hanger.
  3. Pour hot water, baking soda, and vinegar down the drain to dissolve scum build-up.
  4. Replace the drain cover.

If the drain still isn’t functioning, you can use a sink plunger to dislodge a clog farther down the line. If you have a plumbing auger available, you can also snake the drain to remove the clog.


Pro Tip:  If your home has older plumbing drain pipe snaking should be done cautiously. If pipes are old and corroded, snaking can cause pieces of metal to break off, making the clog worse and further damaging your pipes.  If you’re plumbing system is aging, it’s often best to call a plumber rather than snaking the lines yourself.

Removing hair from a clogged tub shower drain

Sometimes, clogs are stubborn, and you’ll find you need a plumber to help.


A severe clog may require the use of specialized equipment that most homeowners don’t have.  Difficult clogs can also be an indication of other plumbing issues.  For example, the drain flange may need to be replaced. The p-trap underneath the drain may be clogged. Or your drain stopper may be broken.


Call the Boerne plumbers at Olde Town for expert help. Whatever the problem, we have the equipment and know-how to diagnose and remedy your drain issue as quickly as possible.


Drains are a vital component of your tub, shower, or sink. If your drains are not working properly it’s not only an inconvenience, but also a health concern as standing water breeds bacteria.

What is a drain flange?

A drain flange is a metal seal placed around the edge of the drain to prevent leakage. It has a grid-like section similar to a strainer that covers the drain.

What is a drain flange?

A p-trap is located underneath your drain and prevents harmful sewer gases from backing up into your home. All drains should have a p-trap.

different types of tub drain covers and stoppers


Bathtub Stoppers

Bathtub stoppers plugs the drain allowing your tub to fill and then empty. Over time these stoppers can break and will need to be replaced.  When you’re deciding on the type of replacement stopper for your tub, you’ll have multiple options including the type, the finish, and the design. You’ll also want to make sure you choose the correct size for your tub.


6 common types of stoppers:

  • Lift-and-Turn   
  • Push-and-Pull   
  • Pop-Up   
  • Toe-Touch   
  • Flip-It   
  • Trip-Lever

Are bathtub and shower drains the same size?

Bathtub and shower drains are different sizes depending on the size of the pipe connection. A shower drain typically has a 2-inch drain connection while a tub drain has a 1 ½ inch drain connection.

How long does a bathtub or shower drain last?

The lifespan of a bathtub or shower drain depends on what it is made of. Generally, drains last 15-20 years if properly cared for.


Drainage problems or leaks beside the tub are often the first sign of trouble. If you’re concerned about your drains, give us a call.  We’ll come out and inspect your drainage systems and let you know if it needs a repair.

Customer Testimonial

"The service professional they sent was knowledgeable and explained throughly what the problem was. Had it repaired immediately! Will always use Olde Town Plumbing & will refer them to everyone!"


A clogged kitchen sink is one of the most common drain issues faced by homeowners. Grease, food debris, and soap residue can all build up in the sink and clog the sink. A sink plunger is the best tool for a first attempt at unclogging the sink. Place the sink plunger over the drain and forcefully force the water down the drain.


Garbage Disposal Clog

If the sink drain is connected to a garbage disposal, turn the disposal on to see if it will clear the drain line. If the unit won’t turn on, you can try the reset switch found at the side or bottom of the disposal.

NEVER try to fix your garbage disposal unless the unit is turned OFF.

Once turned off, you can try turning the blades manually by inserting an Allen wrench into the hole in the bottom of the disposal to get the blockage moving.

NEVER stick your hand down into the garbage disposal to try to unclog the blockage.

Plunging a clogged kitchen sink

Keeping your Kitchen Drains Free and Clear

The best and easiest way to keep your drains free and clear is to prevent blockages from occurring. And the most important preventative measure is to make sure harmful substances are not disposed of down your drain.

It is recommended NOT to dispose of the following down your drain even via a garbage disposal:

  • Grease, oils, and fats
  • Eggshells
  • Coffee grounds
  • Fruit peelings and pits
  • Meat products
  • Pasta, rice, or bread
  • Gum
  • Paint
  • Paper products

Call Olde Town Plumbing for Drain Pipe Plumbing Service and Repair

Even with the best preventative measures, clogged drains still happen and can sometimes lead to more serious plumbing troubles. Call us at 830-446-5227 for drain pipe service you can depend on!

Olde Town Plumbing working on drain and sewer repairs in Boerne, TX.

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When you have a plumbing problem, the last thing you want is to deal with a rude service technician.  We strive to provide good old-fashioned service like was common in old times.  We know our customers are our Hill Country neighbors and friends, and we treat you with the kindness and respect you deserve.  We really mean it when we say, “How can we help?”


We value honesty and integrity in our own lives, and we bring those values into our plumbing company as well.  When you choose Olde Town Plumbing, you’re choosing plumbers who won’t try to upsell you on products or services that you don’t need.  We’ll provide honest evaluations of your plumbing problems, reasonable solutions, and fair pricing for the needed for repairs.


You can count on our plumbing professionals to arrive on time and to work efficiently and competently.  To keep your plumbing inconvenience minimal, we’ll give you a call when we’re headed your direction, so you know exactly when to expect us.  And with our fully stock service vehicles, we won’t waste your time running back and forth to the home improvement store for parts.

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