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Is your garbage disposal not working? Olde Town Plumbing can help!

Having your food disposal not working can be quite a nuisance—especially when it stops up your kitchen sink making it unusable.  Olde Town Plumbing is here to help with our knowledgeable garbage disposal repair services in Kendall County.  You can rely on us to get your disposal working again in no time, so you can go about your normal routine without the headache of a broken food disposer.


Our plumbers have seen all kinds of issues with disposals here in the Boerne area. And we’ve repaired pretty much every brand available on the market.  If your unit can be repaired, we’ll get it fixed for you.  And if it can’t be repaired, we can install a replacement disposal for you.


Give our friendly staff a call today and schedule your appointment for disposal repair.  We serve the areas around Boerne, Comfort, Leon Spring and Kendall County.


Call us at 830-446-5227 or visit our office at 140 E Bandera RD, Boerne, TX 78006.

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Disposal problems we fix

Types of Garbage Disposal Repair Services We Offer

Clogged Garbage Disposal

A clogged garbage disposal can make your kitchen sink unusable.  If your food disposal is clogged, give us a call.  Our technicians will find the issue that is preventing the disposal from working properly.  With fast, knowledgeable garbage disposal repair services from Olde Town Plumbing, your clogged sink will quickly be a distant memory.

Garbage Disposal Blade is Stuck

If the disposal is on but the blade is not turning, it may be stuck in place.  This can happen for several reasons, but regardless of the cause, the blade will need to be freed up.  And this can be pretty intimidating.  No one wants to stick their hand into the disposal, and we do not recommend doing that!  Often, the blade can be freed using the disposal wrench in the groove on the bottom of the disposal.  However, this sometimes takes a certain know-how and finesse.  Our plumbers can help.  Give Olde Town Plumbing a call.

Garbage Disposal Hums But Doesn’t Grind

If your disposal is humming, it is getting electricity.  The problem is with the motor or the blade not functioning correctly.  First, you can try to reset the disposal using the button on the bottom or side of the unit.  If your disposal still isn’t working, it will need a more thorough repair.  Give us a call and will an Olde Town plumber out to take a look and get the disposal grinding again.

Garbage Disposal won’t Turn On

If your garbage disposal won’t turn on at all, it may not be receiving electricity.  First look to be sure the disposal is still plugged in.  Then see if the electrical breaker for the unit has tripped.  If the electricity connections look fine, the garbage disposal motor may have burned out.  Our plumbers will investigate to see if there is a simple repair for your disposal, but we can also install a new garbage disposal if the unit is unrepairable.  Give Olde Town Plumbing a call today.

Garbage Disposal won’t Drain

If the disposal won’t drain, it may be a problem with the disposal, but it may simply be too much solid material in the unit or in the drain.  The Olde Town team will find the problem and get your disposal working again.

Garbage Disposal Drains into the Dishwasher

Wastewater draining into your dishwasher can be upsetting.  When your disposal drains into the dishwasher it may be because the disposal is clogged or because the drain itself is clogged.  Our plumbers will help determine the cause and will perform professional drain cleaning services if the drains are the problem.

Foul Smells Coming from Garbage Disposal

The remains of food particles in the disposal can lead to unpleasant smells in your disposal and kitchen sink.  You can clean your unit with a couple of simple steps.  First, pour a cup full of ice cubes into the disposal and turn the unit on until the ice has been ground up. Follow this by putting a few spoonsful of baking soda into the disposal and then pour in a ¼ cup of vinegar.  Let the vinegar and baking soda react for several minutes, then flush the unit with water. 


If this doesn’t fix the problem, give Olde Town Plumbing a call and our technicians will locate the cause of the issue and fix your smelly food disposal in no time.

Garbage Disposal Making Unusual Noises

If your food disposal is making loud noises, but the blade isn’t turning, the unit is probably jammed.  Our garbage disposal repair services will get your disposal working again in no time.  Give Olde Town Plumbing a call today.

Leaky Garbage Disposal

If you hear a rattle when you run the garbage disposal, or feel the kitchen counter shake, your garbage disposal may be loose. One of our friendly plumbers would be happy to inspect your garbage disposal and tighten the unit. You don’t want to cause damage in and around your sink from a leaky garbage disposal.


Always check under your sink. If you see signs of water damage from a leaky garbage disposal, call the experts right away. We can diagnose the problem.  We’ll provide the solution that takes care of the root of the problem whether is a drain repair or a disposal repair. And guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Customer Case Study

correction to p-trap for the drain line from a food disposal

When we work on plumbing in older houses or home outside of Boerne, we often find plumbing that hasn’t been installed correctly.  Our team member, Justin, took a service call to replace a disposal in a small home out in Kendall County.  When he arrived, he found the disposal rusted out and the kitchen sink plumbing installed incorrectly. He removed the non-functioning unit and replaced it with a new insinkarator unit. 


Next he tackled the plumbing connection issues.  The p-trap had been installed incorrectly leading to potential backflow and clogging issues.  Justin removed the drain pipes, reinstalling them with the correct configuration and checking with a level for the correct drainage issue.


By the time he left, the customer had a new food disposal and kitchen plumbing that will function hassle-free for years to come.

Disposal Repair FAQs

Common Garbage Disposal Questions

Why Won’t My garbage disposal turn on?

Garbage disposals can get jammed when hard objects, like fruit pits or chicken bones, get stuck in the blades of the disposal. See our list of items that shouldn’t be put in the disposal.

Is it worth it to repair a garbage disposal?

Repairing your disposal can often be a cost-effective solution.  However, each situation is different and replacing your disposal may be the better option if your disposal is old, has problems regularly, is rusty, or needs an expensive repair.

Justin from Olde Town Plumbing replacing the flange for the food disposal
damaged disposal with rust on the bottom

How long should a garbage disposal last?

A quality garbage disposal that is used correctly according to manufacturer guidelines will usually last between 10-15 years.  However, water quality and misuse can both reduce the expected life of a disposal.

Can I repair my garbage disposal myself?

Yes, some repairs can easily be done by the homeowner.  Whenever trying to fix your garbage disposal, always unplug the unit first. If there is no outlet, you should make sure your garbage disposal is turned off. To be on the safe side, you should even turn off the circuit breaker to the garbage disposal.

Use a flashlight and look into the garbage disposal. If you can see the object causing the jam, try to remove it with pliers or tongs.

Once you remove the object, you can turn the power back on. Remember to press the reset button on the bottom or side of the disposal to restore the unit to working order. Then check to see if it is working and if the water runs freely down the drain.

If your garbage disposal still fails to operate, and you need one of our expert technicians, give us a call. We’ll come out and get your garbage disposal up and running again.

We also replace and install new garbage disposal units. And if you are looking to remodel with a new sink, we do that too!

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Call Olde Town Plumbing For Kitchen Garbage Disposal Repair

When you need disposal repair or replacement, our plumbers can help.  We’ll get your system up and running.  If you need an air gap backflow preventer added to prevent wastewater backflow from the disposal into the diswasher, we can install one of those too. 

Give Olde Town Plumbing a call at 830-446-5227 and schedule your repair service today!  And for emergencies, we’re open 24/7 to take your call! You can count on us!

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You can count on our plumbing professionals to arrive on time and to work efficiently and competently.  To keep your plumbing inconvenience minimal, we’ll give you a call when we’re headed your direction, so you know exactly when to expect us.  And with our fully stock service vehicles, we won’t waste your time running back and forth to the home improvement store for parts.

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