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A sewer pump moves solid waste from the drains in your home or business to the outside and deposits it into a septic tank or public sewer system. When your sewer pump is not working efficiently or stops working altogether, it’s time to call the professionals at Olde Town Plumbing for a thorough inspection. We offer expert sewer pump repair and installation services to the folks in Boerne and the surrounding Hill Country. The problem won’t go away on its own. In fact, ignoring the warning signs will only cause further damage to your plumbing system.


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Providing sewer pump repair & Installation services near Boerne & the Texas Hill Country

What is a Sewer Pump?

Wastewater needs gravity to flow from your house or business to the outside. If you have drains that fall below the sewage line, you’ll need a sewer pump to push wastewater and sewage upwards through the drainpipes and into the sewage system.  You might need a sewer pump if your home is built on a sloped property or if you have plumbing in a cellar or basement.  Sewer pumps can be used in conjunction with a septic system or public water treatment and sewer lines.

diagram of a low pressure sewer system that uses a sewer pump or grinder pump
Image from Lakeway Municipal Utility District

Does my Boerne home have a sewer pump?

If you are unsure if you have a sewer pump, you’re not alone. Many homeowners are unaware if they have a sewer pump until it stops working. One way to check is to listen for sounds around your property while someone else is flushing the toilet. If you have a sewer pump, you will hear it kick on after flushing.


Sewer pumps are installed below ground, propelling the wastewater through the discharge pipes and out to your septic system or public sewer system.


Sewer pumps are clearly marked on the pump’s lid. A sewer pump also has two pipes coming out of the top. One for wastewater and one used to safely vent the gases and odor caused as a byproduct of solid waste.


A sewer pump is not the same as a sump pump. A sewer pump handles wastewater and sewage. A sump pump deals with flooding water in your basement or another below-ground-level area including bathrooms built lower than the sewer lines due to a sloped property.

Sewer pump used to pump wastewater away from homes.

4 Signs Your Sewer Pump is Failing

  1. The sewer pump is slow to start or fails to start – if your sewer pump is struggling to start it may be an electrical problem or a sign your pump needs replacement.


  1. The sewer pump is continually cycling on and off – you may need a switch adjustment, a new on/off switch, or a new motor.


  1. The sewer pump is making unusual noises – banging sounds from your sewer pump may be an indication there is a problem with your pump’s mechanical system.


  1. Dirty Water – if your sewer pump is not working efficiently, you will be getting dirty, murky water instead of clear, filtered water.

Call Olde Town for Service

If you’re experiencing any of these signs of a sewer pump failure or you have a sewer backup, you need professional assistance to accurately diagnose and fix the problem.


This is not a DIY job. It is not advisable to tamper with a sewer pump. You risk exposure to harmful waste and serious illness.


Leave it to the highly trained technicians at Olde Town Plumbing to do a thorough inspection of your sewer pump. We’ll diagnose the problem and offer the best solutions to repair or replace your sewer pump.  


We also provide a full range of sewer plumbing services including drain cleaning services, sewer line repairs, and full sewer replacement for homes and businesses with failing sewer lines.


Call Olde Town Plumbing at 830-446-5227


We’re the ones you can trust for fast, friendly sewer pump repair and installation services.

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