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Sewer Backup Services for Boerne, TX

The pungent odor of a sewer backup is unmistakable and alarming. This plumbing emergency calls for immediate attention. Call Olde Town Plumbing for expert sewer backup services. We’ll come right out and quickly diagnose the cause of the backup. When you work with our plumbers, you’ll get an honest assessment and upfront pricing. Our highly skilled technicians will work efficiently to restore your plumbing system.


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A blockage in your sewer pipes can cause sewage to back up in your entire house causing extensive damage and posing a health risk to you and your family.


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Do you have a sewer backup?

10 Red Flag Signs of a Sewer Backup

  1. A foul odor coming from the drains
  2. No water in your toilet
  3. Sewage backing up into your bathroom and kitchen fixtures
  4. Water is slow to drain or not draining in multiple fixtures
  5. Gurgling noises coming from your drains or toilet
  6. Clogs in multiple drains at once
  7. Sewage seeping out of a cleanout pipe
  8. Reddish-brown stains in your toilet bowl
  9. Wet floor drains in the lower levels of your home
  10. Shallow sinkholes and water pooling in your yard near plumbing lines
Sewer line clean out has leak with muddy ground

The purpose of your drains is for wastewater to flow to the outside. If a blockage is preventing the flow of wastewater through your plumbing system, the wastewater has nowhere to go and will begin to back up. A sewage smell in your home or business is a sure sign of a sewer blockage.

4 Main Causes of a Sewer Backup

1. A Clogged Drain

The most common cause of a sewer blockage is a clogged drain. The build-up of grease, hair, baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, and non-flushable products will cause a drain to clog over time.  Regular drain cleaning will prevent these blockages.

2. Tree & Plant Roots

Plant roots seek out water and will invade your sewage system by growing right around and into your plumbing pipes especially if your pipes are old or cracked.

3. Improper Elevation of Sewer Lines

If your home or business is built on a sloped property, your sewer lines may have settled over the years.  When your drain lines are lower than the septic system or municipal wastewater system, your home will need a sewer pump installed to properly remove the waste water.

4. An Aging Sewer System

Clay and cast-iron piping were commonly used in older sewer systems. Over time these materials become cracked and broken. Homes with PVC piping will also experience plumbing issues as the piping ages.  If your sewer lines are damaged or decaying, Olde Town can provide you with a sewer line repair or a full sewer replacement.

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What to do if you have a Main Sewer Line Blockage

Many homes have a water and sewer system owned and maintained by the city, county, or water district. A blockage can be caused by the same culprits as the blockages in your home’s piping system. A sewer blockage can also be caused when the system’s capacity is not adequate to serve the population of the area. If your sewer blockage is determined to be in the main sewer line, you will need to contact your local municipality for assistance.

What to do if you have a Septic System Blockage

A blockage in your septic system can be caused by an aging system, excessive rainfall, and overloading your septic tank. Excessive water saturates the ground and leads to an increased amount of water in your sewer line, which may overload your septic system. If you see wastewater leaking above the ground near your septic system, or abnormally lush grass in that area, it’s likely you have a septic system blockage. Septic tanks require regular maintenance and cleaning to continue running efficiently.  If your sewer issue is with the septic tank itself, you’ll need to contact a septic company to pump your tank or perform necessary repairs.

Protecting Your Home & Family

What are the dangers of a sewer system backup?

A sewer backup into your home or business is dangerous and poses significant health risks and property damage.


  • Sewage backup can contaminate your drinking water with harmful bacteria. This bacteria can cause serious illnesses including Hepatitis A, Gastroenteritis, and E. Coli.
  • Sewage backup can damage your floors, walls, and furnishings all of which would need to be replaced with contaminant-free materials.
  • Sewage can quickly lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

Will my homeowner’s insurance policy cover a sewer backup?

Homeowner’s insurance does not automatically include coverage for a sewer backup. You will need to call your insurance company to check on your policy’s coverage. Many home insurance companies offer coverage as an optional add-on to a standard policy.

Sewer Backup Services You Can Depend On

A sewer backup calls for immediate sewer blockage removal services. The highly skilled plumbers at Olde Town Plumbing have expert knowledge and use state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose the cause of your sewer blockage. We’ll work quickly to get your sewer system back in working order.

Justin from Olde Town Plumbing in Kendall County, TX inspects and snakes a sewer line.
Take Preventative Steps

Reduce your Risk!

We recommend following these 3 tips to reduce your risk of a sewer backup:

  1. Schedule a regular inspection

It is important to have your sewer line inspected regularly so that any damage can be repaired before a sewer backup occurs. Replace old sewer lines and regularly have your sewer lines cleaned out to prevent blockages from building up.


  1. Dispose of grease properly

Do not pour grease down your drains. Grease hardens and is a common cause of sewer blockages.


  1. Only flush toilet paper

You should only flush toilet paper down your toilet. Baby wipes, sanitary products, paper towels, and small toys can all cause sewer blockages.

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What should I do if I have a Sewer Backup?

First, call the professionals at Olde Town Plumbing at 830-446-5227.

We offer professional sewer backup services you can depend on any time, day, or night.

  • Avoid contact with raw sewage and make sure to wash your hands and clothes thoroughly.
  • Remove any damaged floors, walls, or furniture as soon as possible.
  • Switch off all electrical power in the affected area of your home or business.
  • Open windows and doors to ventilate the area.
  • Do not use your sinks, bathtubs, or toilets.
  • Turn off your home’s main water supply.

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