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Water Heater Installation and Replacement in Boerne and Beyond

Water heaters are one of the joys of modern living.  Their necessity is akin to the level of refrigerators and air conditioning.  There’s just something soothing about hot showers.  And how much easier it is to properly wash dishes when hot water flows straight from your kitchen faucet?  We often don’t realize how much we rely on our water heaters until they go on the blink.  But when you need water heater repair services, Olde Town Plumbing is here to repair, replace or install  a new water heater in your home in Boerne, Comfort, or the surrounding areas.


Our licensed plumbers can plumb for a new water heater installation if you’re remodeling your home or putting in an addition.  We can also  replace your existing electric water heater with a gas water heater and install the appropriate venting.  Or we can install  an energy efficient tank or tankless water heater options.  Talk to one of our Boerne water heater specialists for your free quote.


Call to schedule with our Boerne area plumbers:  830-446-5227.

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"Thanks to all at Olde Town Plumbing (Rob, Justin, Kathy and Kristin). Great service from the first phone call to this invoice. Passed a city inspection this morning with flying colors (Jim Earl). Appreciate the excellent and timely work by all at your company."
Water Heater Repair, Fair Oaks Ranch, TX
What's Wrong with Your Water Heater?

Water Heater Trouble Shooting

Is the water heater in your home or business not working?  Perhaps the issue is a quick fix you can perform on your own.  Take a look at these common water heater problems and see if your problem can be solved with just the flick of a switch or if you need to call our Boerne area plumbers for professional water heater repair for tankless and tank units.

No Hot Water Coming From Faucets

If the “hot water” is actually cold, there’s obviously a problem with your water heater.  However, this problem may be a simple fix.


  • Gas Powered Water Heater – check to see that the pilot light hasn’t gone out. (Note: a pilot light the goes out repeatedly may indicate a problem with the gas line.)
  • Electric Water Heater – check the electrical circuit breaker to make sure it hasn’t tripped. (Note:  a breaker that trips repeatedly for a water heater may indicate an electrical problem with the unit)

Problem still there?  Your unit may have a problem with the electrical cord, the heating elements may have burned out, the thermostat may not be working or there may be another cause.  Give us a call to schedule a time for our plumbers to come diagnose the problem and repair the water heater.

tankless water heater installed on home exterior

Hot Water Runs Out Too Soon

If you have insufficient hot water, it can be an inconvenience.  Sometimes an insufficient supply can be the result of a bathroom remodel, other times it may indicate a problem with the water heater.

Water heaters are sized to the expected water usage in the home.  If you install a large garden tub in a home remodel, your water heater may not be sized properly to supply hot water to fill the tub.  In addition, if the number of residents in your home increases, there is an additional demand for hot water that may not have been planned for.

  • If the cause of insufficient hot water is temporary (like extra house guests) arrange to stagger hot water usage.
  • If the cause is permanent (like a remodel), consider installing a larger water heater or a on-demand water heater to supply the needed volume of hot water.
  • Installing a water heater booster may be a solution to your water heater issue as well.

No apparent cause for the lack of enough hot water?  You probably have a problem with the heating element, a buildup of sediment in the bottom of your water heater or there’s a faulty thermostat.  Our Boerne area plumbers can help determine the cause and repair the water heater.

installed Rheem Marathon water heater with blue expansion tank in home repipe

Sudden Spike in Water Temperature

When you experience a sudden spike in the hot water temperature, it is usually an indication of a faulty heating element.  Often this spike won’t last for long, and it is followed by a loss of hot water as the heating element burns out.

Water Leaking from the Water Heater

This problem is pretty easy to diagnose.  If there is water at the base of your water heater, you have a leak.  The leak could be from a connection, the relief valve, the drain valve, or a rusted-through water heater.  And unfortunately the hard water in Boerne and the Texas Hill Country is often the culprit of our water heater leaks.


  • Check the supply line connections for leaks. Tighten if needed.
  • Check the drain valve for leaks. Tighten if needed.


An experienced plumber can replace the relief valve if it is faulty.  Or if the whole unit needs to be replaced, our plumbers can help you determine the right water heater for your  home.  And water heater replacement is easy when you rely on our professional plumbers for correct installation.

Useful Life of Water Heater

How Long Does a Water Heater Last In Boerne, TX?

The Texas Hill Country has exceptionally hard water.  If you don’t have a water softener installed in your home, the minerals in the water can reduce the life of your water heater. 


Because the mineral content from well water, use of or lack of water softeners, and maintenance habits of home owners can vary, the useful life span of a water heater can vary widely for residents around Boerne, Cordillera Ranch and the surrounding area. 


As a general rule, 8-12 years is the expected life of a conventional, tank unit.  Tankless water heater can last for as long as 25 years.


When it’s time to replace your water heater, you might consider a DIY water heater replacement, but Olde Town Plumbing is here to partner with you so you don’t have to struggle with the replacement yourself.

gas tankless water heater in attic

Need a Different Plumbing Service?

faucet icon

Make your remodel investment last with professional repairs for your custom faucets.

Water softener installation protects your home by reducing future plumbing leaks.

Slab leak detection and repair is straightforward when you work with our experts. 

Drain cleaning keeps your plumbing flowing properly and helps prevents water damage.

Need a whole home repipe? Our plumbers know how to repipe your home correctly with PEX.

toilet bowl for toilet repair services

Update your bathrooms with modern, efficient toilets and benefit from less water usage.

Keep your gas lines functioning properly with professional repairs by our plumbers.

Sewer Repairs

Fast and efficient sewer line repairs keep your family safe and your home clean.

new water heater installed in water heater closet
Give Your Water Heater A Little Love

What Maintenance Does A Water Heater Need?

All tank water heaters need a little TLC every now and then.  And the hard water in Boerne, Comfort and the Texas Hill Country make this water heater maintenance even more important.


So, what regular maintenance does your water heater need? 

  • Flush the water heater twice a year
  • Inspect the supply lines each time you flush the unit
  • Test the temperature and pressure relief valve yearly
  • Keep the water temperature set to a safe temperature
  • Consider installing a water softener to extend the life of the water heater
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Olde Town Plumbing - Your Plumbers for Water Heater Replacement & New Installations

Our experienced, licensed plumbers will provide you with water heater repair, replacement, and installation you can count on.  We’re experienced with the type of problems common to Boerne, Cordillera Ranch, Fair Oaks Ranch, Bulverde, Leon Springs and the rest of the Texas Hill Country.   


We’ve worked on water heaters in tight places.  Do you have a water heater in a small space?  No worries.  We’ve removed and installed water heaters in attics, closets and much more. 


We provide dependable water heater plumbing services as well as a full line of other plumbing services.  Call us today to schedule your service appointment. 830-446-5227

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Our Plumbers

What Sets Us Apart


When you have a plumbing problem, the last thing you want is to deal with a rude service technician.  We strive to provide good old-fashioned service like was common in old times.  We know our customers are our Hill Country neighbors and friends, and we treat you with the kindness and respect you deserve.  We really mean it when we say, “How can we help?”


We value honesty and integrity in our own lives, and we bring those values into our plumbing company as well.  When you choose Olde Town Plumbing, you’re choosing plumbers who won’t try to upsell you on products or services that you don’t need.  We’ll provide honest evaluations of your plumbing problems, reasonable solutions, and fair pricing for the needed for repairs.


You can count on our plumbing professionals to arrive on time and to work efficiently and competently.  To keep your plumbing inconvenience minimal, we’ll give you a call when we’re headed your direction, so you know exactly when to expect us.  And with our fully stock service vehicles, we won’t waste your time running back and forth to the home improvement store for parts.

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