Well Water Pipe Repair in Kendall County, TX

professional plumbers perform well pipe repair

Well Pipe Repair for Boerne and Kendall County, TX

Need your well water supply lines repaired?  Your daily routine is put on hold when your well water isn’t functioning correctly because of a broken or leaking pipe.  As licensed plumbers, we handle all your well water pipe repair from the supply line and beyond.


If you see the pipes leaking or have muddy areas around your buried well water pipes, just give us a call to schedule a no cost, no obligation repair quote


Waiting to have your pipe repaired can lead to more damage and will leave you anxious about the scope of the problem.  We’ll put your mind at ease and keep your home protected with quick, efficient repair for your well pipes and plumbing.


If you live in Kendall County, Spring Branch, Bandera, or surrounding areas give us a call today for your well pipe repair.   830-446-5227

We repair and replace

  • Broken fittings
  • Broken pipes
  • Water leaks at the wellhead
  • Frozen pipes

We also service all the pipes and plumbing that connect the well booster pump and pressure tank.  We can make the necessary repairs to your well pipes and get the rest of your plumbing in order all in one service call.  WE can even install an outdoor faucet for easy use of your well water in the yard.


Give us a call to schedule today.

Providing well plumbing repair & installation services for Boerne & the Texas Hill Country

whole house filtration system with 3 filters

Inline Filtration for Well Water

High sediment or mineral content in your well water can be a cause of some of the issues with your well pipes.  Installing an inline filtration system for your well water is the best way to prevent unwanted damage to the pipes and fixtures in your home.


In Kendall County, most homes will need to have a water softener placed inline after the well pressure tank to remove the hard calcium deposits from the water.  Then the water will pass through an inline filter before entering the home and all the home appliances including your water heater.


In some cases, however, if the well water has high sediment content, the filter will need to be placed before the softener. 


Having your water tested will help to determine the best configuration for the well water system in your home.


Call to schedule a water treatment test with our Boerne area plumbers today.

Schedule Service for Well Pipe Repair

Give our friendly office staff a call to schedule a service appointment for your well water plumbing repair.  Our plumbers serve all of Kendall County and Northwest Bexar County as well as parts of Comal County. 


We arrive at your home with our fully stocked service vehicles so we can take care of your plumbing problem quickly and efficiently.  We know you don’t have time to waste, so we won’t waste your time with unnecessary trips to the supply store.


Call us today for 5-star plumbing services you can count on.

Customer Testimonial

"Rob replaced my well house pump, irrigation pump and backflow, pressure tank and fixed some corroded shower valves that were out of date and needed extensive research to find proper parts to avoid having to open the wall and take out the entire valve. Rob saved me a great deal of $ over the former plumbing company I had been using.... "

Need a Different Plumbing Service?

Achieve optimal water heater  performance through regular maintenance, repair or replacement.

sink for sink, tub, shower repair

Plumbing Installs

Give your bathroom or kitchen a fresh look with an updated sink, bathtub or shower installation.

Combat the effects of hard water and preserve the life of your plumbing with a water softener.

Prevent plumbing emergencies with proactive drain cleaning and drain line repairs or replacement.

Eliminate foundation damage with timely slab leak detection and reliable plumbing repairs.

toilet bowl for toilet repair services

Conserve water and protect your home with reliable repairs and installation of low-flow toilets.

faucet icon

Faucet Repair

Extend the life of your kitchen, bathroom, or shower faucets through reliable repairs.

Sewer Repairs

Protect your home and family with dependable sewer line inspections, repairs and replacement.

Our Plumbers

What Sets Us Apart


When you have a plumbing problem, the last thing you want is to deal with a rude service technician.  We strive to provide good old-fashioned service like was common in old times.  We know our customers are our Hill Country neighbors and friends, and we treat you with the kindness and respect you deserve.  We really mean it when we say, “How can we help?”


We value honesty and integrity in our own lives, and we bring those values into our plumbing company as well.  When you choose Olde Town Plumbing, you’re choosing plumbers who won’t try to upsell you on products or services that you don’t need.  We’ll provide honest evaluations of your plumbing problems, reasonable solutions, and fair pricing for the needed for repairs.


You can count on our plumbing professionals to arrive on time and to work efficiently and competently.  To keep your plumbing inconvenience minimal, we’ll give you a call when we’re headed your direction, so you know exactly when to expect us.  And with our fully stock service vehicles, we won’t waste your time running back and forth to the home improvement store for parts.

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