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We understand the concern homeowners have when their home needs to have plumbing repairs.  And the idea of replacing all the water lines in your home or all the sewer lines can feel overwhelming.


That’s why we have dedicated licensed plumbers who specialize in performing repipes for you. 


Homes may need to have a complete whole house repipe for a number of reasons.  Repipes may be done proactively or may be completed when a plumbing system fails.  Either way, the Olde Town plumbers in Boerne, TX are experienced in finding the most suitable way repipe your home.


Visit our Bexar County office at 28550 I-10 W, Ste 2, Boerne, TX 78006 in Fair Oaks Ranch, our Kendall County office at 140 E Bandera RD, Ste 5,  or give us a call at 830-446-5227.

Providing whole house repipe plumbing services near Boerne & the Texas Hill Country

PEX water lines used to repipe complete remodel
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Whole-House Repipe in Boerne and the Texas Hill Country

The high mineral content in Boerne’s water can wreak havoc on the plumbing in your home.  Copper pipes can react with some of the chemicals in the water causing pinhole leaks in your plumbing.  In addition, improperly prepared pipes can deteriorate from chemical reactions with cement slab surrpinding around them.  The result? Slab leaks.


Kendall County has may homes that were built outside of Boerne, Bulverde, or other city regulatory areas.  These homes may not have been inspected for proper plumbing designs, and problems may appear as the home ages.


However even with careful inspection by city inspectors, homes in Leon Springs, Boerne and Fair Oaks Ranch can still develop leaks.


When these leaks become a consistent problem, homeowners should consider utilizing whole house re-pipes to prevent expensive damage to their homes.

Pros of a Plumbing Re-Pipe

What are the Advantages of a Whole-House Repipe

Homes that have experienced multiple leaks can expect to continue developing more leaks.  A whole house repipe can be a proactive preventative measure to protect your home from damage.  With an entirely new set of plumbing lines, the chance for a sudden burst pipe or a slow hidden leak is significantly reduced.

Common Signs of Needing a Repipe

When Do I Need a Whole-House Repipe?

  1. Repeated Water Leaks – Multiple leaks in the plumbing of your home indicate a wide-spread problem with the water pipes.
  1. Discolored Water – water that is cloudy, rusty, or has a foul odor can indicate deterioration of plumbing lines. However, some homes in Kendall County with water wells may experience this as a factor of the well water.
  1. Decreased Water Pressure – A sudden drop in water pressure can indicate a break in the plumbing lines. In addition, the hard water in Boerne and the Texas Hill Country can lead to mineral deposits in the pipes which can reduce the water flow.
copper water line with crack in home near Boerne, TX
drywall cut away to allow drain repipe for bathroom sinks
The Re-pipe Process

What I Can I Expect When I Re-pipe My Home?

Having your home repiped can be a messy and inconvenient experience.  However, Olde Town Plumbing strives to alleviate this as much as possible.


Our experienced plumbers find the least invasive ways to access your plumbing, and we take precautions to keep the mess to a minimum.  We’ll spread drop cloths below our work areas to capture as much drywall debris as possible. And we’ll sweep up when we’re done.


Also, while we’ll need to turn the water supply to your home off when we are tying into your existing plumbing, we’ll do our best to leave you with running water each evening in at least one of your bathrooms. 

In addition, you can rest assured that we will secure the necessary plumbing permits for all repipe work as required by your regulatory agency, whether that’s the City of Boerne or another agency.


After the repipe is complete, you’ll need to have any drywall cuts repaired.  We can recommend reliable contractors who can complete these repairs for home in Boerne, Kendall & Bexar County, and the rest of our service areas.

In short, the whole house re-pipe process is

  1. We evaluate your home and provide a Free Quote for the Repipe
  2. Olde Town Plumbing secures necessary permits 
  3. We run the new PEX lines through your attic, walls, or cabinets as described in your quote
  4. We connect the new PEX lines to the main water source – city or water well
  5. We connect the PEX to each of the fixtures, faucets, and appliances in your home.
  6. We carefully test the new connections.
  7. We arrange for the city inspector to inspect the new plumbing lines and the completed repipe.
  8. We stand behind our work for years to come.
What to Expect

Will I Need to Leave My Home During a Repipe?

Most of our customers choose to remain at home during the repipe process. Our knowledgeable repipe experts will work with you to keep as much of your water running as possible during the re-pipe.  In addition, we’ll always do our best to leave at least one bathroom with running water at the end of each workday.  And we strive to switch over your kitchen in a single day so you’ll have the water you need.

Upfront Pricing

How Much Does It Cost to Have My Home Plumbing Replaced with PEX?

The cost of a replacing the plumbing in your home with PEX will depend on the size of your home and the number of plumbing features.  A home with a small footprint and a single kitchen and bathroom will cost less to re-plumb than a home with multiple bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry areas and a large footprint.  In addition, accessibility of running plumbing through the attic or the necessity of cutting multiple entry points in the drywall can both affect the replacement costs.


On average, a whole-house repipe ranges from $5000-15,000 for standard sized homes.


The repipe cost does not include updating the sink and tub faucets or shower fixtures although homeowners may choose to update these fixtures at the time of a repipe.

juncture of new repipe plumbing in attic

Customer Testimonial

"Work done: house repipe; install hot water heater, faucets, toilets. Rob, Justin and the crew were fantastic. Rob is extremely knowledgeable and very customer-service focused. What I appreciated most, however, was the trust and confidence I had that the job would be done correctly by a professional: that is priceless."
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Give Olde Town Plumbing a call and we’ll schedule a free, no obligation estimate.  We’ll evaluate the problems in your home and recommend a course of action, whether it’s a whole house repipe or simply replacing a single line in your home.  We’ll discuss the advantages of  possible solutions to your plumbing problems. 


If your repipe is in a commercial building, we can help.  Our plumbers are experienced with commercial re-pipe as well.


Be assured, we won’t try to talk you into services you don’t need.  We’ll just share the facts and let you make the decision that’s best for you.


Our friendly office staff is available to take your call.  830-446-5227

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Extend the life of your faucets by replacing o-rings, cartridges, and other parts that wear out.

Combat the effects of hard water and preserve the life of your plumbing by installing a water softener.

Achieve optimal water heater  performance through regular maintenance, repair or replacement.

Prevent plumbing emergencies with proactive drain cleaning and drain line repairs or replacement.

Eliminate foundation damage with timely slab leak detection and reliable plumbing repairs.

toilet bowl for toilet repair services

Conserve water and protect your home with reliable repairs and installation of low-flow toilets.

Enjoy the efficiency of natural gas and propane appliances with expert gas line installation and repair.

Sewer Repairs

Protect your home and family with dependable sewer line inspections, repairs and replacement.

Our Plumbers

What Sets Us Apart


When you have a plumbing problem, the last thing you want is to deal with a rude service technician.  We strive to provide good old-fashioned service like was common in old times.  We know our customers are our Hill Country neighbors and friends, and we treat you with the kindness and respect you deserve.  We really mean it when we say, “How can we help?”


We value honesty and integrity in our own lives, and we bring those values into our plumbing company as well.  When you choose Olde Town Plumbing, you’re choosing plumbers who won’t try to upsell you on products or services that you don’t need.  We’ll provide honest evaluations of your plumbing problems, reasonable solutions, and fair pricing for the needed for repairs.


You can count on our plumbing professionals to arrive on time and to work efficiently and competently.  To keep your plumbing inconvenience minimal, we’ll give you a call when we’re headed your direction, so you know exactly when to expect us.  And with our fully stock service vehicles, we won’t waste your time running back and forth to the home improvement store for parts.

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