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We Stop Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing leaks can cause extensive damage to your home in a short period of time.  In fact, even a pin hole leak can release thousands of gallons of water in a matter of a few days.  If you have reason to suspect that your plumbing has a leak, give Olde Town Plumbing a call. Our experienced plumbers will help detect the location of the leak and find the best way to repair it.  We partner with you to protect your home.

Signs of a Plumbing Leak

How do you know if your home has a plumbing leak?

Sometimes recognizing a leak in your home can be difficult.  Many leaks occur out of sight behind walls or in the slab of your home.  Others are simply behind cabinet doors that rarely get opened.  Regardless of where the leak is, there are several signs indicating you may have a leak that home owners should be vigilant in watching for.

Drain Pipe Leak Repair

As homes age, the seal around the tub, shower or sink drains can become damaged or broken.  The flange may need to be replaced if it cracks so water cannot leak into the flooring or through the walls.  If you see water puddling on the floor close to your tub or sink, you may have a drain pipe leak.  If you suspect you need drain pipe repair, we have you covered.  Give us a call to schedule your repair. 

broken drain/sewer line lying on ground in plumbing repair
Signs To Look For

What are Common Signs of Plumbing Leaks In Your Home?

  • Unexplained increase in your water bill
  • Water meter dial that continues to move without water being turned on in the home
  • Water stains on ceiling or walls
  • Mildew or mold growing on walls or floor
  • Wood flooring or subflooring that is buckling
  • Carpet that is damp without an explanation
  • Warm or cold areas on your foundation
  • Damp area or water trickling down the outside edge of the home’s foundation
  • Unexplained extra-green grass areas in yard

Providing plumbing leak detection & repair for Boerne & the Texas Hill Country

Need a Different Plumbing Service?

Extend the life of your faucets by replacing o-rings, cartridges, and other parts that wear out.

Combat the effects of hard water and preserve the life of your plumbing with a water softener.

Achieve optimal water heater  performance through regular maintenance, repair or replacement.

Prevent plumbing emergencies with proactive drain cleaning and drain line repairs or replacement.

Prevent damage to your home by eradicating leaks with flexible PEX water lines or new drain lines.

Conserve water and protect your home with reliable repairs and installation of low-flow toilets.

Enjoy the efficiency of natural gas and propane appliances with expert gas line installation and repair.

Protect your home and family with dependable sewer line inspections, repairs and replacement.

Process of Finding a Plumbing Leak

How Our Boerne Plumbers Perform Leak Detection

Leaks can happen for many reasons including shifting soil, foundation movement, poor quality materials or workmanship, or frozen pipes.

Leak Detection should be performed by plumbers experienced in the plumbing problems of the local area.  The Olde Town plumbers have been performing leak detection and repairs in Kendall County for many years.  When you’re ready to have top quality service, give our residential plumbers a call.  We’ll get started on your repair right away.

1. Find the Source

First, we use our extensive knowledge of plumbing to determine the cause and source of the leak.  We’ll use the appropriate equipment for the job—whether the leak is a water line or a sewer line. We’ll also begin by investigating the leak in ways that have the least disturbance to your home and your routine.

2. Locate the Break

Next, we’ll open the wall to determine the extent of the leak and its exact location.  We’ll need to determine if the leak is an isolated pinhole or if it is a larger break in the pipe. 

3. Plan the Repair

Finally, we determine the best plan of action for repairing the leak and discuss it with you.  We may be able to replace a small section of the pipe, or the entire line may need to be replaced.  We look at all the options and offer you the best solution for your leak repair.

copper water line with crack in home near Boerne, TX
Ways to Perform Plumbing Leak Repair

Possible Leak Repair Options

While there are several options for repairing your plumbing, we have found that most Boerne homes benefit from these three leak repair options.

  1. Pipe repair – removing a section of the pipe and use fittings to replace just a small section. This is the first choice of repair since it is the least disruptive and most economical.
  2. Pipe replacement – bypassing or removing the current pipe and replacing it with an entirely new line. This method is often used with slab leaks or drain lines that have failed.
  3. Whole-House Re-pipe – replacing the water lines in the whole house. A whole-house re-pipe is useful when a home has repeated leaks that indicate a failure of the original plumbing lines.
Give Us a Call

Call the Olde Town Plumbers for Leak Detection and Repair

At Olde Town Plumbing we partner with you to find the best solution to your plumbing leaks.  Whether the leak is from a bathroom shower, a water line, a cracked drain, we’ll find the source and get it repaired for you.


We provide you with upfront pricing.  And we guarantee our work.  


Have a business location that has a plumbing leak?  We have plumbers experienced in handling commercial plumbing leaks as well.


You can rest assured that your leak repair will be completed according to city, county, and general plumbing code standards.  Give us a call today to schedule your service call in Boerne, Fair Oaks Ranch, Bulverde, Leon Springs. We serve these areas and the surrounding Texas Hill Country from our office located at 140 E Bandera RD, Ste 5, Boerne, TX 78006.

Rob Williams, owner of Boerne based Olde Town Plumbing, finding a leak in the wall under a sink.

Customer Testimonial

"When you need a plumber – you want the Best! Rob Williams is the Best in the business. We manage many homes in and around the Boerne area and Rob is our “Go To” plumber, not only at our rental properties, but our personal home as well. He has been an enormous help to us. We have had several very serious situations where Rob has really come through for us. If you’re looking for a great plumber – your search is over. Rob is the man."
David Klobedans
Property Manager - Keller Williams, Boerne, TX
Our Plumbers

What Sets Us Apart


When you have a plumbing problem, the last thing you want is to deal with a rude service technician.  We strive to provide good old-fashioned service like was common in old times.  We know our customers are our Hill Country neighbors and friends, and we treat you with the kindness and respect you deserve.  We really mean it when we say, “How can we help?”


We value honesty and integrity in our own lives, and we bring those values into our plumbing company as well.  When you choose Olde Town Plumbing, you’re choosing plumbers who won’t try to upsell you on products or services that you don’t need.  We’ll provide honest evaluations of your plumbing problems, reasonable solutions, and fair pricing for the needed for repairs.


You can count on our plumbing professionals to arrive on time and to work efficiently and competently.  To keep your plumbing inconvenience minimal, we’ll give you a call when we’re headed your direction, so you know exactly when to expect us.  And with our fully stock service vehicles, we won’t waste your time running back and forth to the home improvement store for parts.

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